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Gema Merina


I am a web designer and teacher. I especially like the simple and intuitive designs, but always attending to the small details.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling, learning languages ​​and photography.

I currently live in Barcelona with my cat. He does not do much, but it is photogenic and purrs often... that always helps!

Whether you want to update your company's website as if you are a person who wants an internet presence, we could talk, I'm sure it would be interesting.


  • Coding
  • Styles
  • Programing
  • jQuery
  • Photoshop

Featured projects

Hilitos - Vogue

Branding and online shop

+ info An online store was what this little entrepreneur needed to expand sales. Corporate identity was created and designed from a cms with bright colors and a very studied backend so that, today, our client did not need at all.



CDN Dental clinic

Design and company web developing

+ info The client had an outdated website and wanted a more cheerful new design, without losing the neat line that has to tell a business that is dedicated to health. Was added validate forms and a newsletter.



Talentum - Formation

Design of services and creation of shuttle

+ info They had the courses and materials, but lacked presence in the network. Adult education courses and punctual discharge of materials options, reservations based on availability and pampered details for their students.




Gesre - Reprographics

Design and company web developing

+ info In Gesre were clear that they wanted a tool that could use them without major complications, to go riding an online catalog of your products and, above all, have a presence on the network. Design simple and clear tones.



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